Marino Bikini


Marino bikini is a beautiful luxury underwears, swiwears, bikini brand created in 2012 by Kim Sam Soon


Beautiful collection of underwear


Beautiful collection of swinwear


Beautiful collection of bikini

Marino bikini is the 3eme brand I created, she is like my child. So bringing her into the world is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever done. It leaves something unique in me that I can share with other women in the world.











Star Collection

The Star collection is a unique collection based on the concept of the goddess Athena. Because you are unique, a woman that no one can forget, we need to surpass ourselves doing things of acception, so Aurianna London has created the star collection, a woman and a dress among the stars. Who has the power to do what she wants in a unique garment, with this collection showing the goddess Athena sleeping in you. Put on your armor and show the world who you are.

beauty Collection

The Beauty Collection is a unique collection that makes you a goddess in the most perfect size, based on the concept of the goddess Aphrodite, can import the size or weight you make, Beauty will make you and says of you that the goddess Aphrodite guides you. Beauty will make you a woman in a meta phony, sound, smoothness, diligence of a unique design and a beauty of acceptation, with plain colors and fluid materials. You will be in philharmonic with the world.

nature collection

The Nature collection is a unique collection that makes you a person made of and in harmony with the mature, colors, themes, freshness in perfect connection with the world that surrounds you in a representation of Demeter goddess of the earth. In connection with all the elements that make up this world, the Nature collection uses natural textiles in adaptation with the forest, agriculture, harvest, all these different connections with nature. This is what the Nature collection wants to give you through the Goddess Demeter.

tendency collection

The Trend Collection is a unique collection based on my presiding of the goddess of Spring Ostara, a collection that will give you strength, courage, daring and flexibility in your movement in all simplicity. Colours that ring out spring and summer but also all the links that mark the return of spring. It is the feast that scratches