Our planet is changing exponentially, that’s why I created GeoNebula, because this world is important to me. As a doctor of geology, geophysics, geochemistry with international experiences and the great passion of nature Biosphere, Ecosphere, I created the first Scientist company in the world that focuses on environment issues with multi domains “GeoNebula”.


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Our plant is the most important thing for us, we have to protect it and the Darling as much as possible, so we will all pay the consequences of our bad choices.
Kim Sam Soon
Founder. CEO


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ours domains

Make the world a better place is our propose

General Geology

Volcanology, cosmology, meteorology, sedimentology,oceanology, climatology, glaciology, geomorphology, hydrogeology, andrology

Biosphere Geology

Anthropology, biogeography, anthropology, ecology, pedology, speleology, paleontology, edaphology, cartogeology, Melissopalynology, archaeology, histology



Physics, Chemistry

Geophysics, geochemistry, Atomic physics, Astrogeology.

Ecosphere Geology

Ethnobotany,geodesytology, Bryology, Ichthyology, Protozoology, Ornithology, zoology, Mammalogy, Dendrology, xylology, etymology, Herpetology, cytology, arachnololy, malacology, agroecology, Entomology, lichenology, Palynology, batrachology.


Biology, Immunology, microbiology, virology, parasitology, mycology, bacteriology, physiology, neurobiology, Venereology, Embryology, Teratology, toxicology


Sciences and knowledge can save the world / /