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Creating my company is the most beautiful thing I have done in my life I am so proud and happy that working is a real pleasure for me. Every day I have an idea that grows inside me … So seeing this great idea develop day after day brings me incomparable joy. But not to be mistaken nothing is easy in life without the sacrifice

One day a man said:
“Make me do something I love and I’ll never have to work again in my life”!

Meet Kim Sam Soon

Name : Kim Sam Soon.                                                                                  Born in Alsace on : December 24, 1980                                                          Sign : Capricorn, Chinese : Monkey                                                                      Nationalities : Australian, UK, French (Caribbean, Alsatian)                               from Marie-Galante and Martinique islands.                                                Living : In London

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She used to live and study in universities in France, UK, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia for over 10 years. She’s speaking English, Caribbean, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese. A bit Alsatian, German and used to study Russian, Turkish, Egyptian Arabic, Portuguese, Aramaic Phoenician, Cannae Hebrew and some others languages.

In 2014 Kim Sam Soon was tested with an IQ of 146 and born with dyslexia. She pass the pre-test of the Mensa Organisation.

She really love reading  and get inspiraion by Dorothy Estheryne McFadden, Martha Euphemi, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan,  Mary Jackson, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Nikola TESLA, Stephen HAWKING, Brian Randolph Greene, Albert Einstein, Julius Oppenheimer, Chloe Anthony Wofford Morrison, Maya Angelou, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Confucius and Sun Tzu.

What she did

Kim Sam Soon is an Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Geologist, and Geophysicist. Media personality, public Figure, writer, author, novelist editor, publisher, fashion designer, she created the brands the Aurianna London, Aurianna Cosmetics, Marino Bikini, Jean Thomas Viti, PineBono, Dolium Sport, Hestia Deco, and Pinel & Romain. And become a model for her owns brands.

She is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Pinel Romain Group Holdings and Pinel Publishing House. She was a French Candidate for the European deputy in 2019. She also created the label Blue World Coffee Tea house chain in London, the company operates location worldwide.

Kim Sam Soon

After brilliant studies in geology, ge and languages she follows her strategy of company creation and founds Pinel Romain Group Holdings in Japan, South Korea and its headquarters in England. In 2011 she launches her luxury brand Aurianna London, then Aurianna Cosmetics, and follows with Jean Thomas Viti, Marino Bikini, Dolium her sports brand and PineBono her children’s brand, and many others.

But Kim Sam Soon of his author’s name does not stop there. Fascinated by writing, she ends up creating her own publishing house Pinel Publishing House and releases her novel Persephone an erotic-fiction quadrilogy and the last of the Moonlings a fantasy novel and develops at the same time a translation atlas a company based on the translation of Korean TV series.

In 2018 she decides to run for the European elections and becomes the first black woman from the Great East in the region of Alsace, who runs for the European elections of 2019 which she does not win despite strong support on social networks.

But the multitasking businesswoman is far from having finished in her ascent of the world, she creates the label BlueWorld Coffee Tea House, the first bookstore Shop cosplay and manga coffee named Otaku and the first shopping center Pinel Department Stores with more than 79 brand name stores of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, clubs, British what holds with unique concepts for all, soon in Alsace.

How she start

What she believe

After seeing a video of the French star Lorie on Facebook, which described the fact that women, do not have the right to freeze their Oocytes in France, she decided to launch an online petition on social networks for women to have the right to freeze their Oocytes in France 2019.

Kim Sam Soon links her passion for Science and Geology by creating GeoNebula, a company that deals with the most varied fields related to ecosystem and environment, and much more.


In an interview with French National TV France 3  for the emission Paroles d’experts in October 2017 the CEO said:  “You have to follow those dreams… » 

    aurianna london  & Aurianna cosmetics Model for her onws brands 

Aurianna London

The conditionally happy woman

Follow your dreams whatever people say!