BlueWorld Coffee Tea House

“Tasty food, set inside a lovely coffee house.”

Our Sweets

Handcrafted delights that instantly brighten up your day. Whether its chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon, we use the finest ingredients to produce these mouth watering artifacts.


It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavor in my mouth for ever. Thanks for making the evening an unforgettable one.
Kim Sam Soon
Founder. CEO

Tasty Breakfast

Tasty Breakfast

Tasty Breakfast

Every Sunday morning 5am to 11am Its BlueWorld Sundays Brunch Party.

You can choose the best formule you want and enjoy your breakfast with BlueWorldTeaCoffeeHouse. With an beautiful inside and outside terrace design

Birthdays & Events

Here you can do your birthday party, let’s us know what would you like for this special event on your life.

Fresh Coffee

Enjoy to ours 22 styles of Tea, Coffee, Ice Tea, Ice Coffee, Cakes, Sandwiches, pastries and ours specialities

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Our Services

Worldwide services and events

Opening time

Open 7 days by 7 days in the world.
In United Kingdom open 24H.
In Switzerland open 5am to 2am opening soon in Basel
In Korea open 24H.

Internet Laptop Connection

Internet is free and unlimited. Lap top plugging available to use your laptop (working place)

Terrace all seasons

You can also enjoying our Japaness terrace all seasons with ours nice food

Special celebrity & Dedicaces

A unique space to rent to read books, manga, and you can see authors celebrites in decidace or special reading scence.

BlueWorld Tea Coffee House in Japan



BlueWorld event is something special. Here you can see your favourites authors, writers in special dedicates events.

Also, you can read books for free from our free library display in the shop.



Bleu World arrives in France for the first opening. Opening in Alsace in Riedisheim.

Our Sweets Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of sweets is to visit the store. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing sweets to satisfy your palate.