About us

About us

We are in company that I want to be real in its mission to grow. Through our services we want to share with you the pleasure of pursuing a goal for the good of all. In so many different services, we want everyone to have their place, with us to help you on your way to success, together the world can be a unique place for all of us.

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  • Who you are. What matters to you. What you do. How you do it.
This is what matters for us.

Our mission

Our mission is to make you healthy and happy well through all our services. To make you discover a new world with full unforgettable experiences. 

our offer

We offer you a world, with places that you will never oblige you that will remain engraved in your mind for eternity. Restaurants, Pubs, Coffee houses, brands, Labels, clubs, and more and more…..


To provide a strong services institution committed to our customers, our employees, our markets, and our great tradition.

our vision

To exceed services and scientist vision, by providing the best products and services in our industry, utilizing a team of leaders who are passionate about serving our customers and giving back to the community.


Loyalty – Diligence –  Pragmatism  –  Integrity – Positivism – Flegmatism  – Honesty – Perseverance


14 Brands

4 Labels

4 Companies

4 Coffee Tea houses

4 Pubs

8 Restaurants

3 Private Clubs

4 Night Clubs

4 Private Events